We have a broad and balanced curriculum at The Stockwood Park Academy, designed to help each student to flourish and become well-rounded and capable.

Key Stage 3 Curriculum Model Overview

At The Stockwood Park Academy, we believe that every child matters. We strive to work with parents and carers to ensure that every learner achieves the very best grades for bright futures. It is for this reason we have decided to change the curriculum at Key Stage 3.

To offer the best provision for incoming Year 7 students, we have divided the year group into 3 bands of mixed ability. Where appropriate, each band has sets covering the full range of abilities to ensure that all students' needs can be catered for specifically. For the majority of lessons, students are in mixed-ability groups. This ensures that they mix with a broad range of peers and their learning is not 'capped', and students 'late bloomers' can develop to their full potential. Teachers differentiate lessons to ensure that all students are supported and challenged appropriately. In Year 8 this same model is applied; the majority of lessons are taught to mixed groups and where appropriate classes are set by ability. In each year students can move freely up and down sets according to their needs.

Many classes in Key Stage 3 are taught in tutor groups. This provides students with greater consistency and aids them to bridge the gap between Primary and Secondary schooling by developing strong peer relationships. Our AMBER Nurture Groups in Years 7 and 8 are smaller groups with a bespoke timetable, designed to support students who are not 'secondary ready' based on their Primary academic performance. These groups are taught by a consistent specialist teacher for Core subjects. These students take additional English and Maths lessons in place of a second language, in order to ensure that they develop foundation skills and knowledge required to achieve well in all subjects when they are reintegrated in core subjects in Year 9.


A full booklet of curriculum information for Key Stage 3 can be found here.


Key Stage 4

Our current Year 11 students are divided into academic Pathways A (a small and focused group of students, the majority of whom take Triple Science and a full EBACC curriculum) and Pathway B (which provides greater scope for Options, and a combination of academic and vocational options).

Year 9 and 10 students are not divided into pathways. We have made the decision to move away from pathways in order to ensure that students have maximum freedom to select and pursue subjects relevant and interesting to them. All students study English Language, English Literature, Maths and either Combined or Triple Science. All students take a minimum of 3 EBACC subjects (sciences, languages, Computer Science, History and Geography). Whilst the 'EBACC' curriculum is a broad and aspirational curriculum, we do not mandate that all students take the full EBACC curriculum. Students also have a choice from a wide range of other options including Resistant Materials, Dance, Drama, Textiles, Media, Sociology and much more. We offer a range of academic and vocational subjects available to all students.

For more information about what is taught in Key Stages 4 and 5, click here.

KS4 Options

Our Year 8 students select KS4 options mid-way through the year, following a series of workshops, lessons and assemblies providing guidance about options an career pathways. We also host an Options Evening to support parents and carers about options choices. More information, as well as an options booklet, will be provided to families prior to the Options Evening.

You may also find this impartial options guide useful when selecting options.

English As An Additional Language

We recognise that students who speak minimal English require a bespoke curriculum on arrival. Therefore we identify such students as a part of our admissions process, and enrol new English speakers into our EAL Induction Programme. This 6-12 week programme is specifically designed to equip new English speakers with basic and functional language in order to ensure that they can succeed in the academy. The programme is taught by specialist staff who also ensure that students' pastoral needs are met and offer bespoke support - eg foreign language/English dictionaries, and facilitate support from other adults - eg community members and staff who speak the same language, where applicable. The staff also arrange 'buddies' - students who speak the same language - where possible. Once students have acquired sufficient basic English to graduate from this programme, they are provided with a bespoke curriculum offering and timetable, to support their progress. This often includes ongoing EAL English lessons and a smaller number of subjects, though this is adjusted over time as the student becomes more confident with English.

Sixth Form

Click here to download our Sixth Form Prospectus. You can visit our Sixth Form site here.


We offer a carefully structured, independent careers programme, ensuring all students are well informed about pathway choices and how this progresses to future employment and training. In Year 7 students attend a professional work day, in Year 10 students participate in week-long Work Experience placements, and students in the 6th Form also have access to short-term or ongoing Work Experience placements. Year 10 students participate in the new 16x16 programme developed by Luton Borough Council, designed to prepare students thoroughly for the world of work and further education.

We have developed strong links with local and regional organisations and educational institutions. At the end of Year 11 students can progress into Sixth Form. Our Pastoral team and Careers staff also assist students with applications to colleges, apprenticeships and other training, and University applications, following Year 11 and Year 13.

Careers and preparation for work is also a key theme of our PDE curriculum taught weekly to all students. The full range of courses and half-termly topics for Key Stage 4  is here and for KS5 is here.

As an Academy, we are currently working towards achieving the Investors in Careers Award which is a nationally recognised standard for the delivery of impartial Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) in schools.  This means that students will continue to have access to a comprehensive range of careers education activities and guidance through a combination of tutorial activities, assemblies, careers events, external trips, guest facilitators and individual guidance interviews to support their decision making whilst at school and to prepare them well for their future.

Careers Links



Should you have any enquiries regarding the Academy's curriculum design, please contact us on 01582 722 333 and speak to your child's Head of Year, or Giselle Hobbs.