Exam Results

The Stockwood Park Academy is proud to share our positive GCSE results for 2016-17. These results indicate that our students make more progress than other students around the country, and have exceeded the performance of TSPA students in 2016.

Progress 8 -0.24
Attainment 8 3.9
English & Maths 9-4 grades (‘Standard Pass’) 41.1%
English & Maths 9-5 grades (‘Good Pass’) 24.1%
EBACC 5+ 18 % %

4+: 22%



L3VA Academic +0.54
L3VA Applied +0.27
Maths Progress 25% 1+ Levels of Progress
English Progress 75% 1+ Levels of Progress
Retention SA to provide

Information about student destinations and for Key Stages 4 and 5, and retention for Key Stage 5 will be published later in the year.

Results are currently unvalidated; validated results will be published later in the year.

View our latest results in the Department for Education League Tables here.

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