Crime Scene Investigation

Crime Scene Investigation

20170329_113040Recently our Year 13 BTEC Forensic Science class accompanied by Miss Duwyn and Mr Johnson to the University of Bedfordshire to work in the crime scene lab. The day was led by Dr. Victoria Barlow from the Department of Life Sciences who specializes in Forensic Science.

As part of their course, students get the chance to complete forensic evidence collection, where they have to gather and analyse evidence obtained from a simulated crime scene. Attending the crime scene allows students the exciting opportunity to obtain hands-on practical experience.

The day started with a lecture from Dr. Barlow who spoke to the students about processing and gathering evidence in a crime scene and demonstrated the techniques they would need to use when entering a crime scene. Then students headed to the crime scene lab where they had to ‘suit-up’ in proper crime scene attire before entering.

Next, they analysed and collected their evidence, which included swabbing for blood and collecting hair and fibre samples.. Afterwards, Dr. Barlow took students to the Biological Sciences Laboratory where students were able to complete a presumptive test which confirms that a substance is blood. They also got the chance to locate fingerprints found in their crime scenes. At the end students were able to gather their evidence for further analysis at school.

20170329_113159The students found the day to be very worthwhile and were very excited to be able to learn about crime scenes evidence collection techniques.

Simron Zulfiqar said, "I she really enjoyed collecting the evidence and being able to locate and photograph everything."

Jaina Patel said, "I really liked the independence and experience that I obtained from working with Dr. Barlow and feel that this will help me for next year when I go to university."