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Founders 4 Schools

business 2On Thursday 28th January over 100 excited GCSE Business Studies students met 4 highly successful entrepreneurs to hear the story of their ups and downs and business owners.  The students heard from:

  • Mr Nadeem, CEO of Nadeem Plaza and Luton living TV.  He explained how he had started selling fruit and veg from Bury market and now own 13 businesses in the Luton area.
  • Mr Pickering, CEO of IP Cortex and technology communications company working in the mobile industry.  He explained how he invented a piece of software to run communications over the internet
  • Mr Morrel, CEO of a 35m turnover manufacturing company.  He explained how to run a factory and manage cost to ensure a profit is made
  • Mrs Bullock, CEO of a digital marketing company. She explained how she had almost had a disaster when her new product launch was cancelled but recovered to start a digital marketing company


They were fascinating stories and our students asked some very insightful questions like:

What was your biggest risk?

Have you ever been close to insolvency?

What is your turnover and how do you increase it?

What advice would you have for a young person wanting to start a business?

It was a fantastic hour long insight into running a successful business and the lesson for life that the students took away will be invaluable.

Founders4Schools’ mission is to improve the life chances of students by giving them access to inspiring business leaders in their community who help them discover the skills and pathways that will be relevant when they leave education.

It is a FREE nationwide service that enables teachers to connect with leaders of successful, growing businesses to invite them to visit their schools and inspire their students.