High Sherriff's Award for Megan

High Sherriff's Award for Megan

Megan ClinghamYear 10 student Megan Clingham has recently been recognised for her fantastic work around the Luton community.

Megan's work was recognised by the High Sherriff, resulting in her winning the Young People's Award shortly before Easter.

Megan volunteers weekly at Park Town Youth Club, which supports children, including those with disabilities. This includes playing a range of games, leading arts and crafts activities and cooking with the children.

"It's really rewarding, because I am helping the children with their activity, but they are also helping me to understand their lives, and the barriers they face," says Megan. "I've learned patience, compassion and empathy through doing this volunteer work."

The work has inspired Megan to pursue a career working with disabled children in the future.

We're proud of Megan and of all of her achievements.