Star Students Inspired by “Unforgettable” Experience

Star Students Inspired by “Unforgettable” Experience

“Amazing, inspiring and unforgettable” is how students have described the range of activities on offer as part of the ‘Gifted and Talented’ initiative this term at The Stockwood Park Academy in Luton.

From curriculum exchange to leading workshops to shadowing CEOs, the rich range of experiences stimulated, challenged and raised aspirations for young people with the talent and skills to make a real difference in the world.

Year 7 and 8 students had the opportunity to join in Year 9 and 10 top set lessons for a number of days, and experience the challenging and fast-paced experience of being a Key Stage 4 student.

Bahar Bayrak, 12, said: “English with Mr Lidyard was really fun and we learnt a lot. Triple Science was awesome. I think the curriculum change was a big success.”

Nahina Rahman, 12, said: “I enjoyed Year 9 because I got to take part in challenging subjects, such as Statistics, English Literature, History and Triple Science.”

The school’s Year 10 students had the chance to try their hand at planning and delivering ‘Gifted and Talented’ Master-classes for Primary students from local schools including Farley Junior School, Hillborough Junior School and St Margarets of Scotland Catholic Primary School.

Chelsea Naylor of St Margarets said: “I thought today was amazing and I would love to do this kind of thing again. I really liked the food testing (Biology); I found the rainbow inside the test tube the best (Chemistry).”

Some of the Year 11 and 6th Form students were lucky enough to shadow a CEO in recent weeks. Yasmin Mukith, 16, shadowed the CEO of Europa Components. She said: “After spending time with the boss of the company I am now more confident in what I need to do to guarantee a successful career rather than just a job. This experience has opened options for my future career.”

Mya Saxby, 16, shadowed the CEO of Develop, Mark Pike. Mya said: “The day was a very valuable experience that has taught me a lot about how to conduct myself in the workplace, how to present myself in interviews. It has also massively built up my confidence to be at ease in workplace situations. A very useful and interesting opportunity that has given me valuable experience that will greatly benefit me in life.”