Stockwood Basketball Team Smashes Sandringham

Stockwood Basketball Team Smashes Sandringham

In a powerful display of skill and teamwork, the Stockwood boys under 16 basketball team dominated their latest Regional match against Sandringham School recently at TSPA. Though the strong team from Sandringham was an intimidating sight (and most towered over the TSPA team), our boys finished well ahead with 69 to Sandringham's 29 points.

Small forward Bethany Mwanza,  was a blur on the court, running vast distances in the blink of an eye to successfully score a number of points. Similarly, Shooting Guard Ricardo Nascimento stole the ball several times and whirled past the sea of players in red, making scoring seem deceptively simple. Sandringham players had no chance of collecting any rebounds when Sam Nolan, Centre, was under the basket! Shooting Guard Cainaan Hill also covered the court and played a key role in blocking some of Sandringham's expert shots.

Jack Fernandes, Point Guard, seemed to be in all corners of the court at the same time, setting up numerous plays and confounding the opposition.

"It was a fast-paced game, and we came out hungry for victory," says Jack. "We're a really tight-knit team and it was great to see so many younger players on team show confidence and play really well."

The Sandringham boys showed excellent sportsmanship, supporting students from either team who fell or were injured, and congratulating the Stockwood team at the conclusion of the game.

The TSPA team, which has already won the County league, has one more game to play in the Regional competition, before hopefully moving on to the National round. We wish the boys every success!