The Brilliant Club

The Brilliant Club

Part of our core mission at The Stockwood Park Academy is to ensure that students have high aspirations for themselves, and achieve their full potential. It is for that reason that in October, some of our best and brightest students gathered with others from around the trust to participate in  the launch of The Brilliant Club.

“It was a really exciting evening as we were provided with more details on what we are going to experience during our participation in the Brilliant Club programme.” – Danya Dulpers

The launch event, held at The Chalk Hills Academy, brought together 24 students and their families to meet Dr Mary Henes for an introduction to the programme. The Brilliant Club is an award-winning charity that exists to widen access to highly selective universities for pupils from under-represented groups of young people.

All pupils will be working with PHD tutors to undertake a ‘super curricular’ project linked to their area of research. Pupils will visit top universities including Warwick University, University of Nottingham and Kings College London for tutorial sessions and tours. The very informative session highlighted the vast opportunities that going to university can bring for individuals and Dr Henes emphasised how valuable the opportunity to visit universities will be for our pupils.

“The information event taught me a great deal about University life. I am now aware of what the Brilliant Club is and what it aims to achieve. I felt privileged to be selected to take part in the Scholars programme and am eagerly awaiting the spring term.” – Samir Raza

6 pupils from The Stockwood Park Academy were invited to the event along with their parents. They will begin their project in the spring term and are eagerly awaiting the opportunities that this will bring them. Special thanks to Mrs Qureshi, Assistant Principal, for facilitating the programme at The Stockwood Park Academy.

“The presentation answered my queries regarding the programme and inspired me to do well. I am determined to do a good job in the programme." - Juliette Ramos

“It was nice seeing the pupils from the other academies who are also taking part in the projects. I’m excited to experience the trips, tutorials and tasks but a little nervous to meet the PHD tutor.”- Kara Lunn