The Tudor Experience

The Tudor Experience

Recently our Year 7 nurture group visited Hatfield House and met Henry VIII in his court.  He told them about many of the events surrounding his reign and then introduced him to Catherine Parr, his sixth wife.  Prior to meeting the King, the students had to learn how to bow, curtsy and respond if spoken to by His Highness!

Next, the students visited a long bow soldier, who explained why long bows were so important in winning battles in the Tudor period.  He showed the group other weapons that were popular during this time.

Miss Tingey then led the students in a stroll around the beautiful grounds, as a guide explained the importance of the mulberry trees in the Tudor period. Some of the trees from King Henry VIII’s time are still alive 400 years later!

Finally, the students visited the Tudor farm and all of the animals which were crucial to survival in the period.

Everyone had a wonderful day (despite being exhausted after walking around the beautiful gardens).

Special thanks to Miss Tingey for all her hard work organising and leading on this enriching experience.