Young Enterprise Trade Fair

Young Enterprise Trade Fair

Some of our year 11 pupils have been taking part in the Young Enterprise programme, in which they have set up their own small businesses and have been selling their products at various trade fairs all year.

However this Saturday 13th February they will be taking part in the Asda Dunstable trade fair in which the pupils will be setting up a stall and selling their own products they have made and designed themselves to the local public of Dunstable, with Valentine’s day being so close the pupils will be selling various items such as Candles, T-shirts, Cosmetics, Roses and miniature gift hampers.

They will then be escorted around the store by a Senior ASDA employee and be given a brief talk on how this global business (Walmart) runs.


This is a fantastic opportunity for our pupils to get a real insight into how businesses operate on a day to day basis!


If anyone is in the area on Saturday from 10am-3pm and is able to pop in to support the pupils, I’m sure it will be very much appreciated by them!