Inspectors visited the secondary school at the start of May 2015 and gave it the second highest grading, noting in particular that the senior staff and Governors “have successfully raised the quality of teaching and improved students’ achievements in most subjects, including English and mathematics”.   

The Ofsted team also praised the Academy for its proactive work on keeping students safe, which was graded ‘outstanding’. 

Principal, Cathy Barr, said: “This was a really robust inspection: The Ofsted team visited a lot of lessons and spoke to many staff and students. Our work on tackling radicalisation and many other potentially dangerous issues for young people was recognised as particularly exceptional. I am very proud of all that we’ve achieved.” 

Ofsted described the  students as “proud ambassadors” and the youngsters were pleased to have played such an integral part in the inspection. Head Girl, 16 year-old Shakerah Brown, said: “I think this is well deserved as staff and students have worked brilliantly together to achieve our goals.” 

When asked by the lead inspector to describe the Academy, a group of year 7 to 11 students said: “it’s a place to strive and achieve, in a place of opportunities.”

Ofsted Report May 2015