Pupil Absence and Attendance


The Stockwood Park Academy actively promotes and encourages 100% attendance with an overall Academy Target of 96% attendance.

Attendance is directly linked to academic progress and while for some students GCSEs may seem a long way away, their attendance now can affect their future prospects into further education and beyond.

See our Attendance Policy for more information. 


Relationship between Attendance and Achievement


The facts:

  • attendance graphNationally 1 in 5 pupils miss 17 days a year- these pupils will drop at least ONE GCSE GRADE
  • 1-4 GCSE grades can increase your wages by 17%
  • 5 or more GCSE A- C grades can increase your wages by 41%
  • If you improve your attendance by 1% you could see a 5- 6% improvement in your attainment
  • Employees with no qualifications earn an average of just £7.44 per hour.
  • Those with only GCSE’s earn £9.02 per hour.
  • People with A-levels earned an average of £10.27 per hour.
  • Students who graduate from university with a degree earn an average of £15.01


Is 90% good enough?

90% might sound high but if your child has 90% attendance this is the equivalent to missing half a day every week. New government statistic now class 90% attendance as Persistent Absenteeism.

The table below shows what the percentages mean in real terms:


Percentage Attendance Amount of time off school
98% 4 days a year
95% 10 days a year
90% Half a day every week
80% 1 day off a week and a whole year over from years 7 to 11



Like attendance, good punctuality has a positive impact on achievement. Colleges and Employers will always ask about an applicant’s attendance and punctuality before offering a place / employments.

The figures:

Lateness Lost Learning over a school year
5 minutes a day 3 days lost
10 minutes a day 6.5 days lost
15 minutes a day 10 days lost
20 minutes a day 13 days lost
30 minutes a day 19 days lost


What if my child is ill?

  • If your child is ill please contact the Academy as early as possible on the first day of their absence.
  • If no contact is made from the parents on the morning of the student’s first day of absence, the Attendance Officer will send a message via our ‘Group call’ system.
  • The Attendance Officer will also complete 2nd calling to parents/carers.
  • If the student has not returned after 5 days or has not provided an authorisation note, the Attendance Officer will pursue the absence with parents/carers
  • If no response after 6 days, the Educational Welfare Office (EWO) will visit the family home.

It is essential that the Academy has up to date contact details. If you have moved home or changed your phone number please notify the Academy in writing.

  • If your child has been absent for over a week, please provide medical evidence from your local GP or consultant.


What if I want to take my child out of school in term time?

  • All applications for leave of absence must be made in advance.
  • Complete a request form and return it to the Attendance Officer.
  • Requests for leave of absence should not normally be granted for the purposes of a ‘holiday’.
  • The Principal may not grant any leave of absence during term-time unless there are exceptional circumstances.
  • Unauthorised term-time leave may result in a penalty notice being issued for each parent per pupil