Success Stories


The following students made fantastic progress from their starting points, and achieved excellent overall grades.

  • Yasmine MukiY11Sth: Attainment 9.3, Progress +3.8
  • Mya Saxby: Attainment 7.6, Progress +3.7
  • Tabassum Shah: Attainment 7.2, Progress +3.5
  • Dev Gajjar: Attainment 6.9, Progress +3.3
  • Sebastian Price: Attainment 6.7, Progress +2.7
  • Kieran Patel: Attainment 8.7, Progress +2.8
  • Mazen Hussain: Attainment 8.4, Progress +3.1
  • Abbie Robinson: Attainment 7.7, Progress +2.9
  • Imran Ahmed: Attainment 7.7, Progress +2.9


y13Congratulations to our top A Level students! These include:

Shane Packham

  • Geography A, Biology A, Chemistry B.
  • Now attending University of Warwick studying Biological Science

Charley Miles

  • Media Distinction*Distinction*, Photography A*.
  • Now attending University of Bournemouth studying Film.

Asma Syed

  • Italian A, Maths B, Chemistry B, Biology C
  • Now attending Queen Mary's College, London, studying Biomedical Engineering

Sahnan Syed

  • Maths A, Further Maths A, Chemistry D
  • Now attending Kings College London, studying Computer Science and Management.

Melissa Atkinson

  • Geography B, Psychology B, History B
  • Now attending University of Liverpool studying Business Management.

Ziarmal Mustafa

  • Forensics Distinction*Distinction*, Urdu B, Persian C.
  • Now attending University of Bedfordshire studying Forensic Science.

Tasnia Iqbal

  • Media Distinction*Distinction*, Photography A*.
  • Now attending University of Westminster studying Biomedical Sciences

Haroon Chaudry

  • Business Distinction*Distinction, ICT Distinction
  • Now attending University of Aston Birmingham, studying Economics and Management.

Shamsa Alam

  • Psychology A, Biology B, Chemistry C
  • Now attending University of Hertfordshire studying Pharmacy